Credits & Specs

52’, digibeta
in English and German/English sub-titles
1st broadcast, RTE 1, 30 January 2007
Director: Jeremiah Cullinane
Producer: Bartolomeo Dibenedetto
Research: Rainer Schelling
Camera: Laurence Manly
Sound: Peter Rotherham, Max Seligman, Kieran Curtin
Editor: Ed van Megen
Co-ordinator: Elaine Waugh
Post-production: Wave-Line, Berlin
Dr. Rolf Giesen (Deutsche Kinematek)
Dr. Felix Moeller
Dr. Friedemann Beyer (F.W. Murnau Stiftung)
Dr. Horst Dickel
Dr. Paul Lesch (Université de Luxembourg)
Dr. Ruth Barton (University College Dublin)
Dr. Eoin Bourke (NUI Galway),
Dr. Mervyn O’Driscoll (Univ. College Cork)
Sales: Planet Korda Pictures and RTE International,
Dublin (+353-1) 208 2030,

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