Planet Kordites


Jeremiah Cullinane was born in London of Dublin parents and grew up mainly in Montreal. He took a degree in communications at Concordia University and went on to study film at E.S.E.C. in Paris. After working in various positions in contemporary dance and theatre production in Paris for 5 years, he returned to Ireland in 1995 to work as assistant director then director at the new Roger Corman film studio in Galway, where he learned his craft directing 3 low budget action thrillers. Changing course and alternating extended stays in Paris and Dublin, he has since been making documentary and drama films of his own initiative.

Bartolomeo Dibenedetto was born in 1970; after attending Medical School in Rome, he has  worked extensively, between Italy and Ireland, as translator, editor, writer, and researcher  in various media sectors such as publishing, radio, television, and video games. In 2005, he co-founded Planet Korda Pictures, a Dublin-based  company, with associate Jeremiah Cullinane, and produced documentaries since then. He currently lives in Paris.

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