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As a small planet in a big galaxy, our initial strategy was to instigate or acquire projects, develop them, and then look for larger co-production partners. More recently, we have acted as minority Irish co-producers on projects developed elsewhere. While there is often some Irish connection with its projects, the company tends to look beyond the borders of Ireland for material, and we have extensive experience and contacts throughout Europe. Thus there is a natural affinity to working with European coproduction partners, in a genuine manner rather than simply one of convenience.

Nous parlons allemand.
Wir sprechen italienisch.
Parliamo russo.
Mы говорим по-литовски.
Mes kalbame angliškai.
We speak Belgian (some of it).

Artistically, the company is interested in visually engaging, thoughtful, and provocative documentaries which offer a different perspective and challenge accepted ideas. Similarly, it is looking for innovative or unusual fiction scripts with strong and personal stories and a well-defined directorial approach that can be produced on a modest budget. In the documentary field, without excluding any particular topic, the projects that we feel strongest about and most comfortable with have either to do with new perspectives on cinema, music, the arts, or pop culture, or critical pieces looking at neglected aspects of history or current affairs. Projects that have both humorous aspects to their nature and a deeper undercurrent will surely interest us. We like to have fun doing what we do, and at the same time we’re not nihilists. So we’re not really that interested in “reality” or game shows or “entertainment” even though we’d probably be richer if we were.

Recently, we have become more active as a minority coproducers on artistically ambitious international projects, having co-produced the multi-award winning documentary Wonderful Losers, by Arunas Matelis. In 2020/21, we coproduce Alessandra Celesia’s new project, The Flats, with Films de Force Majeur (Marseille) and Martin Turk’s docufiction adaptation of Drago Jančar’s short story Kino Volta, with Fabula Films in Ljubljana. We also co-produce two projects with the Rennes company A Perte de Vue: Loïc Jourdain’s new film Skyman and Vincent Pouplard’s Nobody Wants to be a Fireman. Jeremiah is also developing his own project Mother’s Little Secret, an Irish-Scottish-Norwegian-Icelandic-Faroese co-production.

Planet Korda Pictures is a member of Screen Producers Ireland and the European Documentary Network. Jeremiah is a graduate of the EAVE programme and Bartolomeo completed EURODOC in 2012.

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